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Our Story
In the world where technology makes us feel even more isolated, we decided to create a project that will be focused on community. We can all agree that a good cup of coffee comes pretty darn close to a nice big hug. So here’s a hug from us to you with 6,000 uniquely brewed coffee junkies.
Coffee Junkie Club
A club where like minded individuals can come together over coffee. The goal of the club is to provide discounts to the community, in person meetups, unique coffee collaborations and fun ways to connect. The community as a whole can come together collectively and help decide the vision of the club by voting on proposals.
How much is the mint?
It was originally 0.05ETH but we refunded everyone and converted it to a free mint. 2 Mints Per Wallet.
How many Coffee Junkies?
6000 in Total Supply. 5% Will be held by the team to give away and onboard coffee partners
Why the refund?
The mint did not sell out, want to get more holder, the goal of the project was to obtain more holders to broker more discounts. Want to stay true to project.
Team behind Coffee Junkies
Ace / Arfan
Coffee Junkie